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 Here at Finess Clinic in the heart of Canary Wharf, we take immense pride in the high quality of our services, and our team of acupuncture specialists are some of the very best in the industry. Their combined years of experience and wealth of knowledge ensures that you are always in safe and capable hands when visiting our stunning clinic.

Over our years of operation, we have worked hard to perfect our services for the benefit of our clients, including our renowned and extremely beneficial acupuncture treatments. A method of ancient Chinese medicine, Acupuncture helps to stimulate the central nervous system. By inserting very fine needles into strategic areas of the body; helping to promote your body's natural healing abilities, whilst also releasing endorphins, creating a feeling of emotional and physical wellbeing.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatments

Are you looking for an alternative way to treat a condition, or find a way to relax and unwind? At Finess Clinic, our qualified practitioners carry out Traditional Chinese Medicine, and offer a wide range of Chinese treatments for many kinds of condition. Book your TCM treatment with Finess today.

All Traditional Chinese Medicine begins with an initial consultation, where we shall outline your problems and difficulties, and what you'd like to achieve from the treatment, and then agree upon a suitable course for you. The initial consultation is £20.





Acupuncture in Canary Wharf

This ancient form of medicine has been practised in China for over 2000 years, and uses small needles on pressure points to channel energy. People often use acupuncture as a complementary treatment for pain, including migraines, back pain, and arthritis pain. You can book acupuncture in Canary Wharf by calling us directly, or using our handy booking form.

30 mins £45
60 mins £80


Shoulder acupuncture being applied to client in Canary Wharf

Facial acupuncture treatment


 Acupressure (Tui na)

This is often used alongside acupuncture as a complementary treatment for pain, and a range of symptoms. It is considered to be especially useful for treating nausea, and is also thought to aid the management of pain in the lower back, as well as for headaches and stomach complaints. Book your acupressure session today with Finess Clinic.

30 mins £45
60 mins £80

acupressure treatment at our salon near Canary Wharf

 Lady experiencing acupressure treatment at Finess Clinic


 Herb Powder Treatment

The qualified practitioners at Finess Clinic offer a wide range of Chinese herbal treatments for many kinds of ailments and afflictions. This treatment will involve a detailed consultation, so we can decide together which herb combinations are the most suitable to treat your condition. If you would like to commence a course of herbal medicine, book a time here.

£10 per day
£70 per week

An array or herbs and plants used in our traditional Chinese herb powder treatments 



This ancient Chinese practice works by placing a cup on the skin, and reducing the air pressure inside the cup, until a vacuum is formed. This draws out energy and stimulates blood flow, and helps to eliminate negative energy flow. Cupping is considered to be even more effective when it is used in combination with acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine.

15 mins £30

 Example of our cupping treatment at our clinic near Canary Wharf



 Ear Candle Treatments

Hopi ear candles are used to gently remove earwax. The candles themselves are hollow, and are inserted into the ear and lit, which creates vacuum, and then a warm channel of air rising through the candle, drawing out earwax. People have reported that this technique has benefits for congested sinuses, tinnitus and migraines.

£30 per pair

 Ear candle treatment at our clinic

hopi ear candle treatment at our salon in Canary Wharf




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