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Finess Clinic offer a wide range of beauty treatments in Canary Wharf too. From waxing to facial treatments and nail treatments, you can look and feel great after visiting Finess. All our beauty treatments are carried out by an experienced, qualified beautician, who will look after you and make you feel at ease at our comfortable beauty salon.

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Waxing for women 

Half arms £25

3/4 arms £30

Full arms £35

Underarms £25

Half legs £30

3/4 Legs £35

Full legs £40

Bikini line £30

High Bikini £35

Brazilian £45

Hollywood £60

Full legs and bikini line £45

Full Legs + Brazilian    £75

Full Legs + Hollywood   £90


melting wax pot for waxing treatments

 Wax being applied to leg as par of a waxing treatment at our clinic in Canary Wharf




Waxing For Men

Shoulders £25

Full back £40

Half chest £25

Full chest £40

1/2 Arm £25

3/4 arm £30

Full Arm £35

1/2 legs £35

3/4 legs £35

Full Legs £40

Chest waxing treatment




Facial waxing

Chin £15

Eyebrows £15

Upper lip £15

Cheeks £15

Full face £60

Lady having an upper lip wax as part of a waxing treatment

Man having face waxing treatment in Canary Wharf





Eyebrow tinting £20

Eyelash tinting £20

Eyebrow and eyelash tinting £35

 lady having an Eyelash tinting treatment at Finess Clinic

Lady mapping our eyebrow tinting on a client



Beauty and skin care

All facials take 60 min

Aromatic facial £55

Deep cleaning facial £55

Equalising facial £55

Classic facial £55

Hydrating facial £55

Mud mask facial treatment being applied

Male client receiving a hydrating facial treatment.





Nail Treatments

Essential pedicure £25
Soak, nails cut and filed, cuticles removal

Spa pedicure £35
Soak, nails cut and filed, cuticles dead skin/callus removal, moisturiser, polish

Manicure and polish £15
Nails shaped, moisturiser, polish

Essential manicure £20
Nails cut and filed, cuticles push back, moisturiser, polish

Spa manicure £25
Soak, nails cut and filed, cuticles removal, moisturiser, polish

Shellac manicure £35

Shellac pedicure £45

Shellac removal £10

manicure treatment example

manicure treatment at our clinic in Canary Wharf

painting nails with our Shellac manicure treatment


We also offer discounts for beauty treatment packages. 

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